Thursday, April 28, 2016

04/28/2016 Hill repeats, what's the grade of that hill?

5.5 miles total today, not a ton.  It brings me to 25 for the week, plus I add in tomorrow and will hit 30+ for the week.

On the run today, I hit a big hill and ran it, went down in, and back up again.  By a big hill, I mean its about .8 miles long, and I ran it twice.  My featured race, the 5 mile stretch of the triathlon in June is a lot of hills.  Consequently, my a@# needs to get in hill work.  I do not mind hills, they hurt and let me know I'm doing something.

As for the grade of the hill, I am working on it.  Basically, it breaks down to- Grade= vertical gain/horizontal distance.  For this run, I gained about 290 feet over about 4400 feet.  That works out to almost a 7% grade.  Not bad for the distance I ran to achieve it.

If you are wondering how I figured this out, I used the Nike dashboard of my running site at Nike Plus.  I am going to devote a larger post about hills, grade, etc. shortly.

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