Tuesday, April 26, 2016

04/26/2016 Today's run, a fundraiser, Laps for Flint

Today, at my school, the student council, members of the faculty, and the student body, participated in a fundraiser called Laps for Flint.  From 3:20pm until 4:30pm, students and staff ran/walked laps in the school to raise money for the crisis in Flint, Michigan.  Personally, I supervised and ran for the entire time in my gymnasium, monitored students, drummed up the support, and played DJ with the sound system.  For about 70 minutes, I ran a comfortable pace, although in a cramped gym.  I figure I ran about 7-7.5 miles, give or take.  It was a nice event, well run by the student council and teacher supervisors, and the students got some exercise in a fun, stress free environment.  

It was also another opportunity for my students to see the staff, myself included, participating in personal wellness.  It's easy to preach it from our perspective, but the students learn as much, if not more, by seeing it happen with teachers, role models, parents, etc. trying to be healthy themselves.  

I am not sure how much was raised, but overall it was a success.  From community spirit, to the monetary side, to the wellness factor, it was a great hour at Sicomac School.

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