Monday, April 25, 2016

04/25/2016 A new week, without my Nike Sportswatch?!?!

I'm in the middle of a good stretch here.  Monday comes, decent weather, and a 6 miler to bang out.  I look down at my Nike Sportswatch this morning when I pick it up from the counter, F, it's completely blank....  I get to work, plug it in my mac, nothing.  I google how to reset it manually, hold down the select button and the up button, nothing.  

Now, right before I run this morning, I send messages to Nike, a blogger I talk with once in awhile, and hope for some help with this situation.  Now I wait.....

I ran a information-less 6 miles today, around an 8:15-8:20/mile pace.  I ran on grass to keep the pounding to a minimum.  I am putting in some longer miles tomorrow and this week in general so I want to be smart about the pounding of the pavement.  It's funny, because I sometimes unplug on runs anyway.  However, when you are forced to go without a watch, it is uncomfortable.  I missed my ability to get real time results, even if I was just looking for time or distance.  

Time to fix or get a new watch.  I am currently in contact with Nike.

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