Monday, April 18, 2016

04/18/2016 Bring on the heat! Warm 6 miler

Finally, it's low 70's here, lots of sun, and 6 miles felt great.  I worked some hills and got a great sweat going in the warm temps.  I always feel like I can stretch out the legs and just run better in the warmer weather.  I don't feel all stiff and constricted in lots of clothing.  Shorts and a tee shirt are all I really want to deal with on a run.  When I'm a little skinnier, I will even drop the shirt, but not there yet :)

I definitely need to up the salt intake these days.  For some reason, I seem to be sweating out a lot more salt that usual.  Or it just feels that way.  I am thirsty as hell too!

This is going to be a big week of mileage for me.  I am going to try and get as close to or over 35 miles for the week, without getting hurt.  Tomorrow, 10 miles are on the schedule and we will move from there.

Oh, and I'm toying with a 5K next Saturday :)

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