Wednesday, April 13, 2016

04/13/2016 Easy day, 5 miles

The third day of the run, and clearly the nicest weather.  Low 50's and sunny, it was tolerable, but I need warmth.  Coming off the 8 miler yesterday, I just wanted a comfortable jog to get in some miles and to continue to build the week.  I did my normal loop and hit 5 miles pretty evenly paces.  I ran between 8:17/mile to 8:30/mile for the duration.  

As I get closer to my racing season, I am ramping up the nutrition as well.  The useless carbs and sugars have gone bye bye this week and it's all about the protein and veggies.  I am headed to a lower racing weight to increase my speed.  I have a coupe recipes to share soon that will be tasty and still good for you. 

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