Tuesday, April 12, 2016

04/12/2016 Mental Strength and fitness, my long run

I set out today for an eight miler and fell into a smooth pace.  I decided before I left just to run, not worry about how fast I was going since the goal was to go for 8 miles.  I just wanted to be comfortable.  I have to admit, for a lot of the time between mile 3-6, I tried to justify how I could stop early.  This has been a reoccurring theme with my running over the last month or so.  I spent a good amount of time on my run today trying to figure out why.

I generally like to finish workouts planned and sometimes make them harder as I get into them.  I like to think my mental strength helps me focus through times like these.  It is rare that I cut workouts, that is up until the last month or two.  On my run today, I think I figured out why.  It's this God Damn left leg of mine.  I am tired of the needling soreness and discomfort in it every single time I run.  Once I realized that today, it didn't make my leg feel better, but I just said suck it up and run your 8 miles.

I did.

Consciously, I decided to stick with the fast finish theme of yesterday and did the same thing today.  I did mile 7 in about 7:40 and mile 8 was even better, 7:14.  I was not sure where my run would end up overall.  I was really happy when I finished in 1:04:40.  That's a pace of about 8:05/mile for 8 miles.  The fitness is there, I just need to build more, and drop some serious poundage from my gut.

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