Tuesday, March 8, 2016

NYC Marathon lottery results.........

That's right, it's official,  I will be getting my NY on in November 2016!  By some stroke of sheer luck, I was selected in the lottery again. I had only about a 22-23% chance, but I got in. I cannot wait!
There are a multitude of reasons that I am excited about getting in again. However, the biggest, by far, is that Maura and the kids will be able to see me this time. Last year, it just wasn't the right decision since Maura was like 7 months pregnant and would have had 3 kids in tow. It is the only race she and they didn't go to. Although it was an amazing day I will never forget, there was a big piece missing. I love sharing my races with Maura and the kids.  Selfishly, Maura motivates me better than anyone. Just hearing her voice pushes me. I think it's a great thing for the kids to see and be a part of in NYC. The crowds, the supportive strangers, the strange people :) and more!  I cannot wait! :)

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