Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Racing bucket list

Here is a list of the races I currently have on my radar.  Some of them are easy logistically, maybe this year.  Some of them are a stretch and I may be hard pressed to get to.  However, that doesn't mean I won't at least attempt to try and talk my wife into some of them. :)

The list will undoubtedly grow and I will put it in the sidebar as a constant presence.  I have to start off with number one, and it's a race I did last year and hope to do every year for the foreseeable future.  After #1, the list is in no particular order, except grouped by distance.

  1. The New York City Marathon-  What's better than running through all 5 boroughs with 50,000 of your closest friends while a million strangers cheer you on for hours?
  2. Boston Marathon-  It's the world's oldest annual marathon.  It is held in the great city of Boston.  It has legendary stories of American runners including Alberto Salazar, Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers, Amby Burfoot, and more.
  3. Marine Corps Marathon-  A prestigious marathon in our nation's capitol.  The largest, no prize money marathon.  Thousands of runners, servicemen/women, patriotism, and as the website says, "honor, courage, and commitment."
  4. Eugene Marathon-  A marathon in Tracktown USA?  It ends on the legendary track at Hayward Field.  Steve Prefontaine, Bill Bowerman, and more have graced that track, and one day, I will too (hopefully :).
Ultra distances:
  1. Three Days at the Fair- Race Directors, Rick & Jennifer McNulty put on events throughout the year.  "Three days" is a whole bunch of races, from marathon up to 72 hour races.  A few of which, the 50K and the 24 and 48 hr races, are the USATF-NJ Championships.  They are super organized and well stocked for runners.  It's a tight knit community that loves to sweat and form blisters together.  I look forward to trying out an ultra race there.
  2. The NorthFace Endurance Series, Bear Mountain-  A 50K and a 50 mile race have been on my mind for years at the Bear Mountain venue.  It's only about 40 minutes from me, and it will happen.
  3. Cayuga Trails 50-  In only a few short years, this 50 miler has grown in size and popularity.  It is now the USATF 50 Mile Trail Championships and it looks like a great, challenging course.
13.1 and below:
  1. NYC half Marathon-  This March race is like a mini version of the NYC Marathon with it's huge field, great crowds, and lottery based entry.  Another great race in the best city in the world.
  2. West Point Half Marathon-  I just heard about this race and it sounds like a great one.  Another March race, tons of hills around the legendary West Point campus, and 2016 was the first year that non-cadets were allowed to run.  
  3. Fear the Deer Trail Half-  A difficult trail race in Colorado, put on by Scott Jones, @athleteonfire, and his race company, Lifes2short events.
  4. Falmouth Road Race- Since 1972, this road race in Cape Cod has become one of the most storied events in the nation.  It is heralded by the elites and draws top runners from all over the world every year.  At 7 miles, you are running an off distance race in one of the most beautiful areas of the country.  
  5. B.A.A. 5K-  During the Boston Marathon weekend, this 5K is a classic and it's full of the hype and lead up to the Boston 26.2.
It will remain a work in progress.  I will probably add, but am unlikely to remove, races in the future.

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