Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A couple easy to use, helpful websites

I want to give you more.  I know the success of any blog with a strong following is all based on the readership.  It is important for you to feel like you are getting something out of this beyond hearing me boast about my running/races.  

I regularly use two websites that help me a great deal and are simple, yet helpful.  The first is my pre-run mapping device.  I know there are apps and running programs out there, but this is simply plug in your address, go to the map and click on points to create a route and see where to go and how far it is. I call it my G-Map.  It's easy to use and you click on the left to start a course and click points on the roads as you go.  It shows you mile/kilometer markers and you can do loops, point to point, out and back, etc.  Also, it is completely accurate.

Second, my go to pace calculator site is Cool Running.  It's an easy, on site table to creating and finding oout your pace, distance, and time.  All you do is plug in what you have and it will give you the rest.  Want your pace?  Plug in your distance and time.  Want your expected finish time?  Plug in the pace you want to run and the distance.  You can use race specific distances or input distances in miles, kilometers, meters, or yards.  I love how easy it is to use.

I hope these help you out.  Everyone has his/her go to sites and apps.  These are two of mine.  If you have any that you like or would recommend, send them my way.  I am always looking for things that are helpful.  I will pass them along as well.

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