Thursday, March 10, 2016

03/10/2016 Making every run count

Today, as is the theme this week, the weather is great.  High 70's, partly sunny, lots os sweat.  I love it.  As I write this, my eyes are stinging like a MoFo from the sweat dripping in them.

I read a great article today that confirmed what I already knew from reading countless articles like this one.  Basically, if you want to race fast, you have to train fast.  Several keys go into running fast races.  One of these is including short burst hill sprints.  Since it was fresh on my mind, I did just that today.  Every so often, I run on my .33 mile loop for a bunch of laps.  I don't do this to torture myself, it just happens.  However, I do like doing the loop sometimes because on every lap, I hav a 7-10 second short hill I need to power up.  

These short hill bursts are great for leg power and speed.  It doesn't feel bad the first couple, but by 14-15, and being about 5 miles into a run, they get tough.  That's part of the theory of my post title today.  Make every run count.  It is said everywhere in running.  It's not necessarily the quantity of miles, but the quality.  Today, 5 miles doesn't seem like much, but add in 15 short burst hill sprints.  That's a workout to be happy with.  Here are my splits fro the run:

16:33- 0:25 (4%)8'04"/MI
24:30- 0:07 (1%)7'57"/MI
32:37+ 0:10 (-3%)8'07"/MI
40:45+ 0:01 (-1%)8'08"/MI

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