Wednesday, March 9, 2016

03/09/2016 Speed it up a little

How about mid 70's, sunny and warm?  It is awesome out.  I don't mind it warmer, even up to 90's when I run, so today is great.  Coming off2 slogging runs this week, I wanted to go a little shorter and faster.  Without looking at my watch, I sped up the run and finished in about 39 minutes for a 5 miler.  If you use Cool Running for a pace calculator :) that measures out to about 7:48/mile.  I'm good with that.

This week so far, I am at 18 miles put in and I look forward to 5 miles easy tomorrow and 6 or 7 miles on Friday.  My weekly mileage should be around 28-30 and I want to keep with that or higher for a few solid weeks.

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