Wednesday, March 2, 2016

03/02/2016 Try this! Today's run with a twist

216, 217, 218,...
It is only about 40 degrees outside today, and in seriously gusting winds that drop the wind chill to around....raw.  So sorry, wrong answer.  I decided to wuss out and stay inside and run on my indoor track (as pictured in a previous post).  I did, however, spice up the run today to make up for the fact that I am running flat and slowing to turn a lot.  I ran around 5.5 miles today in 50 minutes.  Each 10 minute interval, I stopped and did a set of pull ups to fail.  The first 3 times I stopped, I did 10 each time.  The final 2 times I stopped, I did 8 each set.  Consequently, today's run equalled 50 minutes of running and 46 pull ups.  I am much happier about the run and this is the way I prefer to add strength stuff.  A little here and there.  Oh, and sorry about the picture.  It was the only one I had of me doing pull ups :)

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