Wednesday, February 10, 2016

02/10/2016 HIIT til it hurts, @athleteonfire would be proud

Today, I worked out for about 35 minutes.  I completely created this workout with a runner in mind, (me) working the legs and core hard, finishing with some upper body as well.  Here it goes, give it a try.  Once again, it is minimal on the equipment side so what's not to love?  All movements were done for about 60-70 feet with the same as a jog recover in between, except the sprints.  They were about 80ish feet.

Bear Crawl, 2X
Reverse Bear Crawl, 2X
Side walk in push up position, both sides
Lunge & Twists, 2X
Side walk in push up position, both sides
High Knees, 2X
Butt Kicks, 2X
Power Skips, 2X
Bounders, 2X
10 Accelerator Sprints
10 Pull ups
10 Air Squats
30 Russian Twists, 10lb ball
2 Min Farmer's walk, 35 lbs each side
25 Push ups
10 Air Squats
1 Min Plank
1 Min Farmer's Walk
30 Russian Twists

It was a full body, tiring experience.  I do not think a single body part isn't tired.  

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