Wednesday, February 10, 2016

02/10/2016 Easy way to recover and monitor my motivation

This afternoon, I took 30 minutes to get a fast walk in, attempting to stay loose and keep the blood flowing.  I got a great workout in earlier and I know my muscles need some recover.  I plan to increase my walking when I can and I have been staying hydrated.  As I was walking, I was thinking, "What are the signs that my motivation level is up?"  Here are my answers to this question, if as a reader, you notice my fluctuations.

1.  If I am cross training, my motivation is headed in the right direction.  I really do not enjoy cross training for the most part, but I know the benefits.  When I practice what I preach, I am realizing the correlation.  

2.  I am hydrating when I am motivated.  I am notoriously not a water guy.  I do not like it.  When I am putting the H2O in, it's a good sign.

3.  The more I post, the more I am into it.  My writing and posting motivation seems to go along with my running motivation.  Here's to hoping I post a lot over the next few months!

4.  I am eating healthy when motivated.  It's all good on the nutrition front right now.  I am adding some smart carbs so I can be more efficient running, but watching intake to continue weight loss.

I'm sure, as readers, you can see the ups and downs of my training.  I sometimes wish I could look from the outside at my blog.  It does, however, sound mortifying as well.

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