Tuesday, February 9, 2016

02/09/2016 Solve this math riddle! 8 miler - carbs=???

So what does an 8 mile run - carbs = ???  I will tell you, it equals a 5.5 mile run instead!!  I am freaking tired.  As I have been running for some years now, I kind of know my body and how it feels during different periods of activity and inactivity.  Right now, my fitness level feels pretty good.  My legs feel strong and fit.  However, my energy level blows right now.  I need some carbohydrates in this system.  I think it needs to happen ASAP.  

I have lost a few pounds this past week and I am happy about that.  However, the extreme carb avoidance can probably end now and I can simply be smart about eating.  Coupled with the fitness motivation I have right now and I should remain committed to my race weight for the upcoming season.

Somebody get me a peanut butter sandwich!

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