Monday, February 8, 2016

02/08/2016 Getting used to the cold, a great run to start the week

I think I can finally say that I am able to deal with the cold weather while running.  I have put a few runs in during the last couple weeks that were in temps of the low 30's and today was the same, plus some not so fun wind.  I am never going to like it, but I think I am pretty much past the stage where I quit on a run.  I can suffer through the cold temps and get the run in.

Today, still dealing with zero carbs in my body, I felt really fresh starting my run.  Saturday and Sunday as rest days really lets me recharge.  I ran 6 miles today and I felt sluggish the second half, especially on a really long climb in mile 5.  However, I grinded it out and put in a solid time of under 50 minutes.  Here are my splits, mile 5 I didn't like, I never like a mile split above 9:00, but it is all up hill.

15:22- 0:36 (7%)7'23"/MI
22:58+ 0:13 (-3%)7'36"/MI
30:56+ 0:22 (-5%)7'58"/MI
40:58+ 2:04 (-26%)10'02"/MI
49:21- 1:39 (16%)8'23"/MI
Overall, I cannot be anything but happy with this run.  Tomorrow, I up the mileage to maybe 8 miles and work toward some strength stuff this week.

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