Thursday, February 4, 2016

02/04/2016 Simple 30 minute workout

As I mentioned in my last post, I planned on getting in a little cross training today.  I had about thirty minutes to work with so I set up a simple set of exercises and got after it.  

I started with 5 minutes of jump rope to warm up and get the heart going.  It's really the first time in months I have jumped rope and I am happy to report, still no foot pain.  I think an ambitious jump rope session in the fall is what started my plantar issues, so I am keeping the rope time down and limiting it to warm ups once in awhile from here out.  

After that, I did a couple sets of the following series, again with only 5-10 seconds between exercises and about 45 seconds between sets.

Pull ups to fail, 8-yikes!
Farmer's Walk to fail, about 2 minutes
25 Box Jumps
50 Russian Twists, 10lb. ball
25 Kettle Swings, 25 lb. Kettle

Coming off yesterday, this was tiring and a good basic workout.  Ideally, I would have a day or two between strength workouts.  However, the time I have is the time I have.  Next week, I want to space them out maybe Monday and Wednesday/Thursday.  For now, I'm tired and will be tired/sore a bit tomorrow.  Mission accomplished.  I am happy to be running tomorrow.

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