Wednesday, February 3, 2016

02/03/2016 Full body workout, 35 minutes, no equipment needed

Feeling good this afternoon, with no tweaky hammy, I decided on a Modified 300 workout I found on the World Wide Web.  I think I have referenced it here before, but as I said earlier today, I am old.  I cannot remember.The poster is shown here.  I chose to do the advanced version, wanting to hurt during and after the workout.  I did however, split it into two sets of 25 for each exercise so that I would stay fresh enough to do each exercise with perfect form.  

For my warm up, I walked fast for 5 minutes and jogged for 5 minutes. I then did 25 of each of the six exercises with 5-10 seconds between each.  After the first set, I rested 30-45 seconds and then did the second set.  When I was finished with both sets, I jogged for 5 minutes and finished with 5 minutes walking.  

As I stated above, 35 minutes from start to finish and I got a great workout in.  The only thing you need is a chair or bench to do the dips on.  

As I have stated in the past, I really prefer these workouts.  They kick your ass, need no membership, or toys.  However, they do kick your ass.  Give it a try!

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