Tuesday, February 2, 2016

02/02/2016 Coming back into workouts, seemingly rid of the Plantar Fasciitis

Today's 6 miler in around 50 minutes, at 8:25/mile pace went well.  A second run in as many days and still no foot pain either during or not during my running.  It would seem that a combination of the few weeks off and the addition of the DS Trainers have bode well for my bothersome left foot.  I check in with it during my running and at various times of the day, including a little foot stretching, with nothing to report.  Knock on wood, I do not even feel the familiar pull and tightness of the muscles underfoot.  Let's hope it stays this way.

I have a feeling, now that I train with a softer shoe, I will have less issues.  I am only going to race in flats or racers, no training in them.  I plan on doing all my speedwork in my trainers also, since they are so light and comfortable.

Today's run was nice.  It's in the mid 40's and sunny here and I cruised right along for my six miles at a decent pace.  My splits were as follows:

17:04- 0:14 (2%)8'25"/MI
25:20- 0:09 (1%)8'16"/MI
33:35- 0:01 (0%)8'15"/MI
42:07+ 0:17 (-4%)8'32"/MI
50:28- 0:11 (2%)8'21"/MI
Except for the first mile, there wasn't a lot of deviation from the 8:25 pace.  Tomorrow, it is supposed to rain like a mother.  Consequently, it sounds like a cross training day.  

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