Monday, January 11, 2016

Race Report, First Day 5K in Fair Lawn, NJ, my first race with Team NAMI

The team, including Donna & Jim,
Justin's parents
2016 has certainly started off with a bang.  On January 1st, I was able to join Justin Macaluso and the rest of the Never End The Fight team for a 5K in Fair Lawn to kick off the year.  I have never done a 5K to kick off a new year, but it was great.  The only downside, it was about 40 degrees with a serious side of wind, dropping the feel to about 30 degrees.

Justin, at the start
The race itself is a pretty big one, especially for the time of year.  Fair Lawn does a great job of
making sure there are a ton of volunteers, a well marked course, and a good pre-race setup for registration and whatnot.  There were 540 registered finishers of the race.  It is put on by the Rotary club in town.

Upon meeting up with the Team Nami crew, I talked a bit and did a little warmup.  It wasn't my normal warmup as I was there for a different type of PR.  I had no reason to expect a fast finishing time coming off some CrossFit workouts in the wee, as well as racing with my "winter weight."  I was there to have fun, see some friends, meet some new ones, and represent Team Nami.  I will say, mission accomplished.  Team members that participated in the event alongside me were as follows:

Will in the zone
Justin Macaluso, 21:52
Kyle Tasik, 28:02
Brad Tasik, 20:36
Owen Rice, 28:50
Gabby Rice, 40:51
Will Rice, 25:15
Jim Macaluso, 28:50
Stryker Macaluso, 28:50
Emily Ruther, 40:57
Me! Brian DePersis, 20:39

A fun fact of this event is that not only did I run with Justin, my former student, but also the Rice
Trio.  Gabby is a current student of mine and her brothers, Owen and Will are former students that have moved onward and upward.  For a PE teacher, it's nice to see kids I have taught out there doing it, whether it's running, playing hoops, dance, gymnastics, whatever.  

Owen, Jim, Stryker finishing
As someone that likes to put the training miles to work, it was great to start the new year with a race.  I have to admit, in the 3.1 miles I ran that day, I did a lot of focusing on the coming year and reflection on the previous.  I hope to start the coming years off the same way as I think it is fitting for me to do so.  I really enjoyed the company of the team and look forward to running more events with them.  A great part of the NAMI team is that it is ever growing and changes from race to race based on who is in for that race.  If you have any interest in joining us for an event, or more, contact me here at TheDailyFitnessJournal and I can get you connected with Justin.  Also, I think it's safe to say, I can score you a great long sleeve running shirt as well!

Gabby finishes her 1st 5K!
I have one final thought from this event.  Brad, don't get comfortable finishing first for the team!

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