Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Product Review: ASICS Men's GEL-DS Racer 10 Running Shoe, @ASICSamerica

My first race in the Gel-DS Racer 10 was the First Day 5K, in Fair Lawn on January 1st.  I have been racing, and primarily training in, the DS Racer 9 for the last year and a half or so.  You can read my review of the DS Racer 9 here.  The Racer series has been a reliable shoe for me for some time, but I have been over using them for training for some time.  The Racers are for what they are designed for, racing.  I put a lot of training miles on my previous pairs because they are so light and comfortable, I want to run in them always.  However, the shoe is not meant for that and deteriorates faster than a training shoe.

Because of the overuse, I sadly retired my 9's after the NYC Marathon.  They served me well and I was happy to stay in the same sneaker line for the next upgrade, the Racer 10.  Right from the start, I could tell I was going to continue to love the Racer 10.  It is light and comfortable to my foot.  By the way, for technical information, go here.  I am more of a fit and feel guy, not interested in staring at numbers, heel drop, etc.  

The shoe did feel a little softer than the 9's, but that may be due to the 9's being worn out and less cushiony.  One of the great things about this series I think, is that they feel like they fit to your feet well.  I do not like a shoe that is loose in areas around the foot.  Sometimes, even a shoe that is sized correctly, slides around or there are pockets of open space in and around your foot.  The Racer 9 and 10 both feel like they feet my feet well and I do not have any wasted space.  

Another of my favorite features is that this shoe is light.  It is like under 7 ounces for a standard size 9 sneaker, adjusting up or down depending on what you wear.  That is really light and you can race in these from a 5K up to a marathon, giving the shoe some solid versatility.  

As far as sizing, the 10's fit perfectly at the size 11.5 for me.  This is the same as the predecessor.  I
wear a 10.5 mostly in day to day shoes and go to the 11.5 for running because of swelling and whatnot.  I do not generally have issues with blisters until I get over the 20 mile run threshold.  

Asics continues to do things right with this shoe, as it always does.  

Interestingly, the DS Racer 11 is available now.  However, I like a $50-$60 price tag better than a $110 price tag.  You can still find the 10's easily online.  I would imagine, next year, after buying these 10's a couple times, I will be reviewing the 11's at some point!


Brad said...

Unfortunately, my DS Racer 10 was broken. I bought a new pair of DS Racer 11 instead. This new model works perfectly for me. It provides enough support for use up to marathon distance.

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