Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Product Review: Another Brilliant job by @asicsamerica, the Gel DS Trainer

I generally have done a decent job researching and picking out the sneakers I chose to run in.  For the
most part, this takes me down the Asics road, like most people.  They just know how to do it and do it well consistently.

For the first time though, I have been blown away by a shoe.  I laced up my new Gel DS Trainers today for the first time and fell in love immediately.  I didn't even begin running when I realized I was on to something.  The shoe slid on with a comfortable glove-like feel on my foot.  It was sized correctly, true to form and I loved the secure, but not tight feeling I had right away.  

As a trainer, the idea is to be supportive enough for everyday use and keep the runner free from injury.  Most runners run and race in these types of shoes.  There are a good number of runners, like myself, that like to race in flats or racers.  This is usually done to get a little lighter and more responsive after the foot strike to build and maintain speed, at the sacrifice of longer term cushioning.

The Gel DS Trainer is a fairly light shoe though, and I could easily see myself racing marathons and half marathons in them.  I do not feel like I would lose much, and the added comfort would probably outweigh anything else.  The shoe just feels great to run in.

Besides the weight, the difference in the feel between the DS Trainer and the DS Racer I wear is the cushion underfoot.  In most shoe comparisons, I would say the difference would be easily noticeable and distinct, forcing you to choose one or the other depending on what your run would be at that time.  However, the Trainer is amazing in that it does not feel like you are sacrificing responsive action in your footstrike when wearing them.  What does this mean? Basically, to me, there is no pillowy feel even though they are more cushioned.  The Racer is meant to be more stiff, to race in.  The Trainer, although it would not be my first choice to race a 5K, would be a solid choice for most casual racers and marathon/half-marathon runners.

As usual, Asics has done a great job with their shoe line.  I am sold on my combination of the Trainer and the Racer for my go to shoes.  Check them out at the following links:

Gel DS Trainer                              Gel DS Racer

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