Friday, January 29, 2016

01/29/2016 I don't want to hear about your "dreadmill," my indoor track is insanity

Today, I put in a punishing 5.25-5.5 mile run in 45 minutes.  A 45 minute run is generally not punishing, but on my "indoor track," it is.  

This time of year, you cannot go online to a running site, blog, magazine, etc., without hearing about the dreaded treadmill workout.  There are a ton of articles talking about the dreadmill, how you cannot get a good workout on a treadmill, how you CAN get a good workout on one, and so on.  Runner's World, Competitor, blogging sites, and more have all the information.  

I have been there.  I ran on a treadmill in the winter for years.  Also, I would use it when time didn't allow me to run until it was dark.  I did a 23 miler on a treadmill for my long run before my first marathon.  I still have mental scars.  However, the treadmill has nothing on my current indoor situation.  Pictured here, my 30X60, hardwood floor gymnasium.  It's certainly not the Armory Track in NYC!  A 45 minute run on this, at a pace of around 8:30ish/mile will pretty much feel like a constant sprint while turning.  There is just not enough straight away to get smooth and flow.  It's my own fault really.

I need to build up the courage again to get outside and run.  Next week, the weather looks promising for some mid 40's temps.  I'm going to have to suck it up or hit the indoor track again, yikes.....

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