Tuesday, January 26, 2016

01/26/2016 Reset, Recharge, Restart

T.J., born 1/2/16
Today, 42 years old to the day, I sit here at my computer sweaty and happy.  The sweat comes from the 45 minute run I just finished up.  The first run I have had since January 1st, the First Day 5K.  The happiness comes from celebrating my 42nd birthday today with a great wife that puts up with tons of shit, great kids that surprise me every day, and specifically, the recent birth of T.J. DePersis.  T.J. is now 3 and a half weeks old and enjoying his roll of sleeper/eater/pooper of the family.  

I have all a guy could ask for.  Throw in an ability to be a decent runner and a Jeep Wrangler to the above stuff and I am blessed everyday that I wake up.  

Today is the restart to my running.  I have taken the last three weeks to recharge, come off the plantar issue, and just get to a point where I feel good about running again.  A little rest was in the cards, more mentally than anything else.  After today's run however, I feel the itch to get going again.  I love getting that feeling back, the hunger.  I want to run fast and it's time to do so.  Another bright spot is the way my foot has been feeling.  I, so far, am good to go and really have seen the foot discomfort go by the wayside.

Unfortunately, as the foot pain has gone away, the waist line has grown.  I need to back up from the table, at least after today's glutenous celebration.  The time is here to buckle down.  I have 5 months until my big race, with a smattering of 5K's throughout the spring to do.  Coming soon, my goal sheet for 2016.

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