Thursday, December 31, 2015

12/31/2015 Final day of 2015 with a great workout at @risefituniverse

Today, on the final day of 2015, I went to RiseFit once again with my buddy Jason and we worked out pretty hard.  This morning, Rob, I believe the owner, was running the class and it was an hour instead of the half hour class the other day.  I won't take you step by step through the whole series, but it was great.  It featured strength, mobility, cardio, and range of motion in a variety of exercises and moves.  

Today's class had sandbag stuff, TRX, sprints, resistance bands, and more.  There is no time wasted and you really do move from one thing to the next in great transitions and progression.  Rob is a pro and you can tell he has a lot of knowledge and passion.  He helped several of us at different points with form and offered encouragement to everyone sporadically.  You can tell he really is into what he is teaching and presenting to the class, rather than just selling it.

Moving forward, I may try to fit in a class once in awhile.  It is a great supplement to the running and it's something different.  I also like the fact that I never feel like I am doing something that will injure me.  I know it's possible, obviously, but the progression through the workout warms you up well and seems to really incorporate functional moves based on a lot of bodyweight stuff and resistance, rather than overloading weight and stress.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

12/29/2015 A great workout at @risefituniverse in Ho Ho Kus, NJ

Tuesday, I went to RiseFit in Ho Ho Kus, New Jersey with my buddy Jason and got a great workout in for about a half hour.  This was my second workout at Rise.  I tried a class a few months back, and this time Jason had a small group training class he invited me to.  The trainer for the class was Josiah, as it was the last time I went.  He seems to just have a mental rolodex of exercises designed to destroy you physically...sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly!  Also, you can tell he has a plan well thought out in advance.  He is always ready with the next movement or sequence.

Yesterday, we started with a few lower body moves like lunges, bear crawls, reverse bear crawls, etc.  We then moved to a mini set of 3 stations with dumbell chest press, TRX squats, and lat pull downs.  There is very little resting at all.  Next the 4 of us did a rotation of TreadWall, balance on all fours on a yoga ball, and full body lifts off a bench.  The TreadWall by the way, is a rotation climbing wall that is constant climbing at the instructors choice of speed.  There are rock handles and ladder rungs.  We used the ladder rungs, but there are off center so they are constanly back and forth, with no easy repetitive comfort.  It sneaks up and wears you out.  Constant work to near failure, quick rotations, and strong verbal support and correction from Josiah all make it a positive experience that exhausts you.

We finished up the work with sprints and alternated with push ups, mountain climbers and alternating toe touches (like a modified crunch).  The 30 minutes go fast and furious with no breaks and a controlled workout from start to finish.  I strongly suggest you give the place a try.  Below are links to their website, Twitter, Facebook.  Right now, they are offering a free trial week.  What's not to like about a free trial?


RiseFit Twitter 

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