Friday, December 18, 2015

12/18/2015 6 miler and prepping for an upcoming interview and schedule

Coming off the workout from yesterday, my whole body is sore.  My muscles need more consistent usage.  I need to keep up with that.  I headed out today for a nice 6 miler at whatever pace I fell at.  I didn't bother pushing it or looking at my watch.  I just wanted to run an average pace.  I ended up at about an 8:34/mile pace, according to my watch after the run.  Fine with me, I had other things on my mind.

I am doing an interview this coming Tuesday with a former student, Justin Macaluso, and I look forward to sharing that with you asap.  It will be an interesting interview and I promise to do it right.  Because of this, I spent most of my run today mentally going over some topics, questions, and deciding some directional ideas for the interview.  I'm no pro at this, but I want to put forth a good effort to do the interview justice, to provide you with good content, and to help Justin with his efforts.

For now, that is all I will say.  I hope all of you are stopping once in awhile to enjoy the holidays and reflect upon the year.  Also coming up, a post with my racing schedule and goals for 2016.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

12/17/2015 30 Minute Strength Workout

I didn't have a chance to run yesterday because of logistics.  I did squeeze in a
couple shorter walks  throughout the day, bringing my activity level up a lot overall.  Today, normally not a run day because of my schedule, remained a secondary workout day.  I have scheduled Thursday to be my cross training day for the next several months, so I took 30 minutes and kicked my ass a bit.  I am not a weight guy, just not.  However, I know the benefits are real, even for a runner.  

A portly runner like myself can really benefit from the weights to shed some pounds.  Admittedly, that is why I am doing it.  I want to be lighter, especially next June.  My workout today took about 30 minutes to the nose.  I did the following exercises in 2-3 sets to achieve the total number of reps listed below.  

5 minute jog warmup
Pull ups-  20 reps
80 lb. Deadlifts-  50 reps
Push ups-  50 reps
50 lb. Step ups-  30 reps
Floor Wipers-  35 reps
Single Arm Clean, 25 lb. Kettle-  40 reps

As I look at it on the screen, it doesn't look that impressive.  But for this runner, I am tired.  A few tidbits.  First, most people deadlift with more weight, but I have herniated discs in the past so I am not F-ing with it.  The Floor Wipers are one of my favorite exercises, click on the name and watch a video of the exercise.  Finally, this is based on the 300 workout, but for someone a lot less fit!  I put in a picture of a modified 300 workout for us normal people.  Go for it and let me know how it goes.

I look forward to just going for a run tomorrow.  :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

12/15/2015 Mile repeats hurt so good

There is no other pain in running like mile repeats.  They hurt, no matter what your level, from beginner to elite.  They are too long to sprint, too short to jog, and they come way to quick between rest periods.  Your chest hurts, your legs burn, and each repeats feels like you are running 1.05, not 1.0 miles.  My repeats for this workout took place on the road with some decent incline and decline involved.  I have a perfect one mile loop I do.

Mile repeats also happen to teach the body how to deal with pain during a race as well as helping to build VO2 max and raising your lactate threshold.

What does this mean?  Basically, mile repeats make it possible for you to go faster and longer, before your body says no and fills up with lactic acid and falls down.

Today, in my first session of mile repeats in quite some time, I ran three repeats after my warm up.  The workout went as follows:

 1/2 mile warm up
1 mile at 6:50
3:30 jog recovery
1 mile at 6:37
3:30 recovery
1 mile at 6:45
1/2 mile jog recovery cool down

I felt really good on the second repeat.  The 6:37 didn't kill me, but I felt like I was moving.  In my mind, I started the 3rd repeat with a goal of going under 6:37 so I could negative split each of the three, but my body said no and I finished it in 6:45.  No big deal, it was still faster than the first one.  In a couple weeks, I will go again and add a repeat or 2.  

It will hurt just the same! 

Monday, December 14, 2015

2015 The year's Racing Recap

The 2015 racing year has ended.  I had thought of trying to squeeze in a Turkey Tort or Reinedeer Run, but the time, my foot, and my eating season all happened and I am concentrating on the big picture now.  2016 will be upon us soon.  I hope to get as lucky in 2016 as I did in 2015 and race often.  I was able to do 8 different races this year from a 5k, to 5 miles, to 13.1, to a marathon.  Overall, it was my busiest racing year to date.  Although I didn't set any PR's, I accomplished a couple things to be proud of.  First, in May, I took second place in a race overall.  One step closer to my goal of a race win.  Secondly, I won my age group at the Ridgewood Memorial Day 5K.  With it being a race that features over 1500 finishers, I have to be happy with that.  Third, I was part of the second place overall team out of over 80 teams at the Franklin Lakes Triathlon.  It was my first race of that distance and I did what I could.  Finally, the NYC Marathon, nothing more to say.

In reflection, it was a good year of racing, but I want and wanted more.  As I was walking this afternoon and thinking about this post, I realized that I have a lot of grand ideas about what I can do and what I want to do.  However, I have not really taken advantage of my strengths by putting all the training together with good nutrition and supportive cross training.  Already, I have started to head toward 2016 in a better way.  I am still running on task and I like where I'm at.  It's time to add the nutrition and the cross training.  No more bullshit.  

In an upcoming post, I look forward to sharing my goals for 2016.  As you will read in that post, some are going to be challenging.  I cannot wait for 2016 to see what I can accomplish.  Listed below are the times and races for my 2015 events.  Each one is set as a link to the race report I did on that event.

Cupid's Chase 5K- 20:25

Hillsdale Rover & Clover 5K- 20:41

Radburn 5K- 19:20  (2nd Place overall)

Fred D'Elia Memorial Day 5K- 19:11   (1st in age group)

Franklin Lakes Tri-Relay 5M- 32:17

Franklin Lakes Scenic 13.1- 1:34:43

Wyckoff Education Foundation 5K- 19:37

NYC Marathon- 3:53