Thursday, September 3, 2015

09/03/2015 400M repeats in the sun

The third day in a row running, I didn't simply want to log more basic miles.  Consequently, I decided on some 400M repeats following a warm up and ending with a cool down.  The 40 minute workout looked like this:

1 mile warmup jog 9:00

6X400 meters, equal rest:
1. 92 seconds
2. 90 seconds
3. 89 seconds
4. 89 seconds
5. 89 seconds
6. 86 seconds

1 mile cool down jog 9:00

The workout was tiring.  Taking into account the fact that I am nowhere near my fitness level I want to be at, 6 of these 400's were a good workout.  I got to do some fast running and change it up a bit from the last 2 days.  Also, knowing I will have a couple days off now due to traveling for a family wedding, rest is coming at the perfect time.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

09/02/2015 Accumulating miles

I was able to get out in the 90 degree heat today for another 5miler.  I kept the pace comfortable, nothing fast.  It's all about trying to get as many injury free miles in as I can before November 1st.  Tomorrow, schedule willing, I look to get my third run of the week in and keep the ball rolling. 

It has been great getting out and feeling the legs moving again.  Building fitness is a positive and I cannot wait to get to the physical point where I can push myself during runs and respond accordingly.

09/02/2015 A great speaker, Gian Paul Gonzalez and being "All In"

School is ramping up and today was the big first day for teachers meeting with the whole district.  Introductions, congratulating newly tenured teachers, meeting new employees of the district, etc.  Every year the district brings in an outside speaker to head off the year inspired.  This year, we were lucky enough to hear from Gian Paul Gonzalez.  I will not give you a full bio, if you want to learn more go here:


Gian Paul has a very specific message.  Basically, you need to go "All In."  If you want to succeed in whatever, you have to fully commit.  He gave some examples of anecdotes from his live, mentions a lot of teams and companies he has worked with, and shared his story.  The best part...  He is a 9th grade teacher.  The guy has some sports backgrounds, from high school and collegiate accolades, but he loves teaching, working with kids, and empowering them to succeed.  He recently signed a lease on a 3000 sq ft. building to give Union City, NJ its first youth center.

Obviously, I love the message.  It's simple, yet challenging.  At the end of the talk, he gave everyone a poker chip and does this with all the people he works with, as a reminder to be "All In."

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Time to get in a routine, bang out some miles

With 2 months to the day until the NYC Marathon, I need to bang out some serious miles over the next 8 weeks.  That said, I started today with a 5 mile run and it went well.  It's about 90 degrees here and I can deal with that.  I look forward to running in the heat more that I do the cold (50 degrees is too cold for me).  The summer is great and I would not trade it for the world, but the lack of a serious schedule can really derail my running in a heartbeat.  It's the fall and school is starting, soccer, dance, gymnastics, etc. will all be making the weeks pass by at a lightning pace.  However, it is also easier to get my miles and workouts in because the schedule is set and I can dictate events and carve out time.  

I am looking forward to a great marathon and a fall and winter filled with running.  No breaks!  I am going to suck it up in the winter and pile on the layers.  Next spring and summer will be an improvement on an already great 2015 racing year.  

Tomorrow, I will stretch out the miles and start some accumulation.  Keep up the hot weather!