Wednesday, July 29, 2015

07/29/2015 A couple easy workouts, getting back, MIA

I apologize for being MIA in the last bit of time.  I have essentially been off from running except for a couple 3.5-4 mile jogs trying to get back from this broken rib.  I need to string some significant runs together as I have just passed the 100 days left mark to the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon on November 1st.  I am not too worried, but I want to get out and shake the legs on a decent length run soon.  Tomorrow, I want to run 5-6 miles at lunch if possible and see what I can do on Friday.  I also need to get something in on Sunday when we get back from Windsor (God help us).  

For now, enjoying the summer a lot has been fun with Maura and the kids and I look forward to increasing my physical activity a great deal.  I will keep you posted as best I can!