Thursday, June 11, 2015

06/11/2015 Last major workout before the race

Today, I ran my last serious workout of any length before next Saturday's race.  I ran an 8 miler on hills, in about 1:04:00.  That is an even pace of 8:00/mile and I am happy with that as I was on a lot of hills and felt strong enough to go faster or longer if I had chosen to.  Also, the temps are about 90 degrees and sunny so I am happy to have the heat on, and a lack of hydration.  All these things will make race day more tolerable.

Looking ahead, I am going to consult with a couple people and devise a simple plan for next week.  I want to stay sharp, but rested.  I will post this plan sometime between now and Sunday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

06/10/2015 A strong, quick workout on an easy day

Wednesday is typically an easy day for me since I have a lot less time to workout.  From start to finish, in 45 minutes, my workout was effective and useful today.

I started off with a 3.5 mile run at a pace of around 8:15/mile.  I wouldn't characterize it as a slow jog or recovery pace, but I wouldn't say it was challenging either.  

After finishing up the 3.5 miles in around 29-30 minutes, I finished the workout with 10 strides of about 100 meters.  It was 10X100m, with walk recovery back to the start.  

In 45 minutes, I got some decent miles in and ran fast on tired legs from the last couple days.  I haven't decided what I want for tomorrow's last, big workout before the race next weekend.  I have to do some thinking.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

06/09/15 Today's workout, cold tempo

Today I wanted to have a second strong workout in a row.  I decided on a cold tempo run (as in no warmup, just run).  I ran 5 miles at an overall pace of about 7:15/mile.  I don't think I invented anything special here by starting a tempo cold, but I like it because it is taxing on the body to run reasonably hard right away.  Also, I always seem to progress each mile faster and finish strong when I do these types of runs.  They are tough, but suffering in a workout makes suffering in a race bearable.  Here is how the miles went:

Mile 1- 7:45
Mile 2- 7:27
Mile 3- 7:18
Mile 4- 6:57
Mile 5- 6:56

Diehards, coaches, experts, they all might say this is less a tempo run and more a progression workout.  It lacks the set tempo and sustained time effort.  However, new thoughts on the tempo run are that it may be more effective to go on effort for your tempo run rather than your specific time.  For me, this workout kept the effort challenging but sustainable throughout, even though I warmed as I went and got more fluid, building speed.  

Monday, June 8, 2015

06/08/2015 A long run, stop thinking & whining, trust the training

Since last week's busted mile repeats workout, I have been a little nervous about where I am fitness wise.  I rarely have bad workouts, and that one sucked so bad, I really started to worry about it.  The race is less than 2 weeks away and I want it to go well.  Consequently, I started to get nervous after having to end a workout a mile in.

Today, I decided to get back at it and simply run a decent, long run and get in some good miles at a nice comfortable, but strong pace.  From the second I got out there, I was analyzing myself head to toe like a Universal Soldier (Van Damme at his best).  At about the 4 mile mark, I literally said to myself, "God, I feel like shit again."  I just didn't feel good, I had that stupid side cramp that keeps popping up, and I felt slow.  However, I just kept plugging along, telling myself to at least get in the miles.

It wasn't until about mile 6.5 or 7 that I realized how far I was in and that my pace was strong.  I was hitting about 7:45/mile pace, with a lot of hills on the run.  That was when it clicked.  I took a deep breath and realized, I was in my head too much.  Just shut up and run, I am fine.  I finished up a solid 8 mile run in about 1:01:55, hitting mile splits in around 7:45/mile.  

The training is there, I just need to chill, stop whining, and trust what I have put in on the road.