Friday, June 5, 2015

Bad workout, bad week.....move on quickly!

Well, I just went out to try and bang out some mile repeats because I missed them yesterday.  I was just to swamped yesterday to make it happen, but had time today.  I have to say first of all, this week has not been good.  I have been off the rails eating wise, haven't really hydrated well, and just did not get in a training groove.  I don't know why, life I guess.

Today was the epitome of the week.  I ran the first mile repeat and it was a beast to get through.  I ran it in 6:11 and it felt like I did it in 5:11.  I cooled down for 5 minutes, as I planned to, and still felt on the verge of getting sick.  I scrapped the run.  Sometimes you just have to move on.  

I have to dial in my nutrition first and foremost starting right now.  I will add some serious water consumption and I will be good to go.  You are always going to have crappy workouts/weeks pop up.   You cannot progress all the time.  The key is to move on and think positive.  Tomorrow is a new day.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

06/03/2015 National Running Day and a fun run, nothing more

Today, if you didn't notice, is National Running Day.  In my opinion, the day signifies the joy of running.  I thought the best way to enjoy today, just go out a run.  It could not have been a better day to run in my part of the world.  It was about 72-74 degrees this afternoon when I got out for my 4 miler.  The sun was out and it was perfection.  I really enjoyed just going out a comfortably jogging a nice 4 miles.  I didn't worry about the speed, distance, hills, etc.  I just ran for fun.  It was a good way for me to bring it back to the simple form and reason for running.  

I hope you were able to get out today and enjoy yourself on a run, whether it was a fun run like mine or a workout, or whatever.  

I am going to settle into bed now with my new book, "Going Long."  It's a collection of inspirational running stories and is put together by Runner's World.

Get out there! National Running Day!

Good morning everyone.  I want to take a minute and say, "Happy National Running Day."  This may refer to you and your life over the past weeks, months, years, decades, or whatever.  It also may start for you today.  If you haven't been a runner, you could always lace up and go out for a few minutes today.  Why not?

People always thing they have to be able to go out and run miles at a time right away.  I have heard so many people say to me, "God Bless you that you can run.  I'm just not a runner."  Personally, I think that's crap.  Sorry.  If you want to run, go out and run.  It doesn't have to be 3 or 5 miles right away.  It doesn't even have to be 1.  If you go out today and jog/walk for 15-20 minutes, guess what?  You are a runner.  Do it again tomorrow, etc.  

After a couple times, you may feel yourself improving.  After a couple weeks, you definitely will.  You might enjoy it, get hooked, find similar friends doing the same thing.  Hey, you might start looking stuff up on the internet, buying books, getting into!.  

The point is, all you have to do is start running.  You don't have to start with mile repeats :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Today's rainy workout

I thought we were past this crappy weather.  It's like 50 degrees out, rainy, and gross.  I could only manage 5 miles in the cold rain, hoping tomorrow brightens up.

Coming off a Saturday free of running, I played my first old man softball game Sunday morning.  I felt my age on Monday.  The whole body was sore, cranky, and not happy with sprinting around trying to catch fly balls and throw the ball as hard as possible.  Consequently, I just took yesterday off from any activity.  Today, the run definitely loosened me up and I feel much better now.

This week, I will get in a couple more runs and one killer workout on Thursday.  The dreaded mile repeats will be happening and I am not taking it easy.  The plan is for 5 x 1 mile with short rest between and I'm doing it on a hilly mile loop. 

The pain will be great :)