Friday, May 15, 2015

05/15/2015 tempo run and some nutritional advice

For today's workout, I decided on a tempo run.  I did a slow, warmup mile  jog to start.  I then ran a 5 mile tempo run in about 36 minutes.  The first 4 miles of the tempo were 7:00/mile or under, but the last mile took about 8 minutes.  It was basically uphill the whole mile so it was a good workout.  Hills and speed are the focus moving forward the next few weeks.  

My nutritional findings this morning didn't help my run go any smoother.  My findings are that I need to eat more than 1:40 before running.  Usually my schedule allows for about 2-3 hours of time between eating and running, but this morning I didn't have that time.  Consequently, my stomach wasn't happy basically the whole time I was running.  I think I will be a little smarter with the food intake moving forward.

On a side note, today's run brings me up to almost 30 miles for the week.  I may try to squeeze in an easy 4 miler on Sunday morning, but I am happy with my mileage right now.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

05/14/2015 today's workout

It is about 70 degrees and sunny, with a little breeze.  It couldn't be a better day for a run.  I took yesterday off due to a busy schedule and I don't stress about Wednesday running.  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are my focus for mileage and key workouts.  If I don't run on a Wednesday, I chalk it up to recovery time.  

Today, I felt good right from the get go.  I was smooth and yesterday was a beneficial rest.  I ran a usual hilly course, with considerable hills on the end miles.  I went 7.25 overall and averaged 7:45/mile over the run.  Total run time ended up at 56:08.  That works out to about 8 mph. 

Tomorrow, I will either do mile repeats or a tempo run for my speed work of the week.  I still haven't decided which one.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

05/12/2015 easy day, recovery & canceled extras

Coming off yesterday's great workout, I had planned a simple 6 miler and some sprints/power skips at the end for some form work.  However, when I got the old, rickety body out there on my run, I noticed some achy joints.  My knees and my ankles both seem a little cranky.  I wouldn't characterize it as anything more than soreness from yesterday and some dehydration probably, but I am not taking any chances or overdoing it.  Consequently, I kept it simple with the run only, no add ons at the end.  

I ran 6 miles and kept the pace decent, but doable.  A 7:50/mile pace finished me up in about 47 minutes for 6 miles.  A couple lighter days ahead this week, and I will end with a tempo run or hill workout on Friday.

Monday, May 11, 2015

05/11/2015 combination workout and checking out the course

Today, I wanted to really get in a quality workout coming off of a full weekend free of running.  Two days of rest and I was ready to get in some mileage.  Also, I have been wanting to get a look at the course for the triathlon for weeks now so I decided today was the day.  

It is about a 2.3 mile jog to get to the start of the race.  I jogged there in about 16 minutes.  I then got on the course and proceeded to run the 5 mile route progressively faster each mile.  I started at about a 7:30/mile pace and did the last mile in about 7:00/mile pace.  

A couple of the main observations from the course are that it is full of turns.  There are a lot of turns and loops back and forth.  Also, besides the first 7 feet and the last seven feet, it is almost all uphill and downhill.  There is literally no flats.  It is a taxing course as some muscle groups get trashed on the climbs and some get trashed on the descents.  Consequently, this course is going to tear you up.  It isn't like the climbs are all super steep, but there is just so much hill work overall.  It's ok though, I seem to do ok on the hills.

After the race course, I then jogged the 2.3ish miles back and finished the 9.5 mile workout in roughly 73 minutes overall.  Basically, I combined a long run with a section in the middle as a tempo run on the race course.  

The rest of the week will consist of a couple easy runs and another tempo run, this time more traditionally done.