Thursday, April 30, 2015

04/30/2015 a new workout and a race Sunday, @RunCompetitor article

Today I tried a new workout that I have been meaning to give a shot at.  I read another article in Competitor (article here) yesterday and decided today was the day.  I warmed up with a 2 mile run at about 8:00/mile pace.  I then did 6 repeats on a pretty significant hill.  Each of the repeats were about 90 seconds long and I figured out that the distance was about 2/10 of a mile.  The recovery between each of the hill climbs was the jog back down.

Hill repeats are good for running form, stride length, and most importantly here, VO2 max work.  Interestingly, I read yesterday that the repeats themselves aren't particularly beneficial in direct relationship to hilly races or runs.  Rather, it's the increase in VO2 max and side benefits listed above that you are working on.  If you are looking for help with a hilly race, go run a long run, or a tempo run, on a hilly layout.

The workout felt good and I was tired at the end.  Tomorrow, I will do a little light jogging as remarkably we only have one soccer game, at home, and in the afternoon on Sunday.  What does that mean?  I found a race in a Fair Lawn, where Maura and I first lived when we got married, and it's in a section of town we used to like to walk through.  Consequently, I will get in a little impromptu speed work in the form of a race!  Here is the link in case you are interested.  The 5K race starts at 9am and it is a school benefit.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

04/29/2015 Recovery run and a traumatic event while running

I was a little tired in the legs today after putting in the mile repeats yesterday.  I ran a 5 miler today at a pace of 7:45/mile.  I had to pound it out at the end there.  Tomorrow, after a little more rest, I am hoping to bang out a 5 mile tempo run at a pace of about 7:00/mile.  If I am feeling frosty, I would like to get it out to 6 miles at that pace.  We will see.

Today, during my run, one of the most traumatic events to ever occur while I was running took place.  I have had a gnat or a small bug fly in my mouth or my nose while running plenty of times.  Anybody that has run for any length of time has this happen once in awhile.  Today, however, I had a substantial bug fly in my mouth.  I didn't see it and I do not know what it was.  I doubt it was a bee because I didn't get stung.  However, it had density, it had a presence to it and I will be forever scarred.  I spit it out asap and continued to spit often over the next mile, but it wasn't fun.   

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

04/28/2015 Finally mile repeats

It took me long enough, but I got in a small set of mile repeats today.  I started with about a mile warmup jog, nice and easy.  Then I did three mile repeats in the following times:

1.  6:30 mile
2.  6:33 mile
3.  6:27 mile

Between each of the repeats I did a 2:15 cool down before going again.  The best part of these repeats was that I did them on the road with a significant up and down hill portion on each loop.  Mile repeats are often done on the track with 4 laps as a mile and a jog recovery, all on flat obviously.  Since I am doing road races and not track meets, I thought it made sense for me to do my repeats on the road.  Consequently, instead of going on the track and banging out 6:15-6:20 mile repeats, I am happier having done them a little slower, but with hills that I will encounter during races.

After I did the three repeats, I ran about another 2 miles as a cool down.  In total, my workout was about 6 miles in around 50 minutes.

Monday, April 27, 2015

04/27/2015 tempo run and an Achilles problem, unlike Adam Wainwright's

After having to scrap my mile repeats on Friday simply because my schedule was super busy, the weekend wasn't any more open.  Consequently, I had 3 days of rest in a row and just didn't feel smooth on today's run.  I think mainly I was just irritated I hadn't been able to run.  I didn't want to jump into mile repeats to start the week, so I ran a mile warmup, then did a 4 mile tempo run.  It took me about 27:34 to run 4 miles.  I never really felt good, but whatever.  I think it has something to do with my Achilles.  

Fortunately, my Achilles problem has nothing in common with Adam Wainwright from the St. Louis Cardinals.  He injured his Achilles running out a ball in the baseball game this past weekend.  Wainwright is likely done for the season.  My Achilles problem is my nutrition.  I have a difficult time sticking to my nutritional game plan.  I know what to eat, when to eat it, what not to eat, yet I suck at following the plan.  The fuel in my body is not optimal for my running efficiency right now, and I can feel it.  Luckily, I can turn things around quickly and plan to do so effective immediately.  Tonight's dinner is meat, sweet potato, and veggies......I hope