Thursday, April 23, 2015

04/23/2015 bit of a change in weather, cold workout

Well, so much for warm weather.  I can barely type my hands are so cold.  I went out for my easy 5 miler in shorts and a t-shirt and was met with some cold and some wind.  I knew it would be cooler, but thought I would be ok running and I wasn't expecting the wind.

They always say (I don't know who they are,, but they are stupid I now know) that you should dress for a 20 degree difference when running.  This means, the thinking is that if it's 40 out, dress like it's 60.  If it's 50 degrees, dress like it's 70.  I now realize that since I am more of a warm weather guy, I need to change that down to like 10 degrees difference.  I was freezing from the start to the end.

I did still get my easy 5 miles in.  I ran at about 8:22/mile pace for the 5 miles.  I had planned on more of a pace around 8:30-8:40/mile, but the cold weather had me moving to get done.  I had to actually tell myself most of the time to stay slower, so I wouldn't just run fast to get done.

Tomorrow, in better clothing, mile repeats!  I am hoping to do 4-5 mile repeats after a warm up.  I will go between 2 and 2:30 rest periods between each.  I want to be at like 6:20ish per repeat, but I don't know what will happen as I am doing the repeats on the road, not track.  Also, I am including a little up and downhill so I can really tax my body.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

04/22/2015 it's too nice a day not to...

It is too nice a day not to go for a run.  I usually take Wednesday off each week, but it's a warm and sunny 65 degrees out so I got in a 5 miler.  It was a decent effort, just under 8:00/mile pace and on some dead legs from yesterday.  I felt good, but it was an effort coming off the hilly 10 miles I ran yesterday.  

I kept the distance short and I know that I will have Saturday off and most likely Sunday as well.  I will jog an easy run tomorrow at a pace more like 8:30-8:45/mile tomorrow and do some sprints at the end.  That should get me ready for the mile repeats on Friday.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

04/21/2015 today's workout, building strength to move forward

Yesterday's postponed run is now in the books for today.  A long 10 miler on constant up and down hills and I kept an average pace of 8:05/mile.  Mile one was 8:04/mile and mile ten was 7:37/mile pace.  I am happy where the fitness is.  My area of concern is still the speed.  I am going to move back my planned mile repeats to Friday.  I had planned on running them Thursday, but with moving back the long run a day, I didn't want to only have one day between my long run and my speedwork.  

The plan now will be an off day of running tomorrow, walking and maybe biking.  Then on Thursday I will get in a simple 5-6 mile run easy.  Friday will be the mile repeats.  Combining speed and hills and distance on a continuous schedule will reap the rewards I am looking for, provided I am resting correctly.

VIDEO: Bombing survivor Rebekah Gregory crosses marathon finish - Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

VIDEO: Bombing survivor Rebekah Gregory crosses marathon finish - Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

Monday, April 20, 2015

04/20/2015 change of schedule, do what you can, Boston Marathon today

Today was supposed to be an 8-10 miler stretching out the legs to start the week.  However, torrential rain and 49 degrees, not happening.  Consequently, I ran about a 6.5 miler inside in around an hour.  It was an easy pace, nothing major.  Tomorrow is supposed to be dry so I will hit the long distance then and still finish up the week with some speed and some more mileage.  As long as I get in miles, speed, distance, and some hills every week, I will be happy and ready to go come June 20th.

Today is the Boston Marathon, as well as Patriot's Day in Boston.  I dvr'd it so I can watch tonight.  I know, I'm a running nerd.  However, if any of you are nerds as well, I posted previews of the men's and women's race to highlight some of the top Americans.  Along with NYC, Boston is one of the top, most historical marathons in the world.