Friday, March 13, 2015

03/13/2015 Today's speed work, yesterday's canceled workout

First the bad news, I couldn't get workout #2 in last night as I started getting a headache in the afternoon and by the time evening rolled around, there was no way I way running.  Thankfully, I woke up this morning with only the remnants remaining and they went away quickly.

The good news is that I was able to get in a good beginning speed workout this morning and am happy how it went.  I ran a 45 minute workout that involved two paces.  I ran a comfortable pace for about 5 minutes, then I would add in 2-3 minute fast surges.  I alternated these two paces for the duration of the 45 minute jog.  The workout would basically be considered a Fartlek run and I finished with about 5.25 mile total distance.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

03/12/2015 Workout #1 for the day, workout #2 later

I am feeling the urgency of training as I have roughly 3 months until the Franklin Lakes Triathlon.  I have high expectations for the outcome so I want to be prepared.  Consequently, I just finished up an easy 5 miler here in the morning and kept it simply a 45 minute jog, nothing special.

Later on this evening, I plan to fire up the treadmill and either put in an incline run of around 5-7 miles or kick my first speed work session in awhile.  I have't decided what I feel like.  Also, I am taking into account what I would like to accomplish tomorrow, so tonight's workout has to come into play.  

Now if I could just back away from the cookies.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

03/11/2015 Recovery and cross training

After two solid days of running, I decided today would be an off day even though the weather was beautiful out.  Instead, I recovered from the 20+ miles in the previous two days with a nice fast walk for about 45 minutes.  I always feel like I have accomplished something even from a simple walk.  I felt great after and was not bothered by taking a day off from running.

Tonight, I decided to do a little extra on the day off and get in some low impact cross training.  I used the step machine I got and went a little slower than the last time.  I varied the position of my foot a few times and got a decent leg workout in for 30 minutes.  I will say, in retrospect, I need to warm up a little bit before I hit the stepper.  The knee was a little sore for the first 2-3 minutes and I was contemplating stopping if it didn't get better.  However, I am happy to say the pain subsided and I was good for the final 27 minutes and after.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

03/10/2015 Today's workout and recovery

After running for 2 hours yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised that I was only marginally sore this morning.  I would say that 95% of the soreness went away in the first 15 minutes of the recovery run I just finished up.  I ran about an hour and finished with a total of 6.75-7 miles.  

I really wanted to run an easy pace the whole hour and not worry about mileage, but I got a carried away thinking about the upcoming races in a couple months and decided to fast finish the last 15 minutes or so.  I don't plan on or want to do that often as I fully believe the recovery runs are as important to my body as my distance or speed workouts, but once in awhile I can't help it.

In the coming weeks, I will get a better idea where I project to be in relation to my Ridgewood Run 5K goal as well as my Franklin Lake Triathlon 5M goal.  I am confident in the base I am building.  It really just boils down to the speed work I do and how my body responds to it.

I will review my goals shortly and will continue to revise if needed.

Monday, March 9, 2015

03/09/2015 Afternoon workout, increased time on feet

Today's workout went great.  I hit the two hour run mark for the first time in awhile and I felt strong, finishing the last 15-20 minutes considerably faster than my pace throughout.  I ran somewhere between 13.5 and 14 miles in total.  Tomorrow will be a key recovery jog as I haven't run this kind of distance, or time on my feet in a few months.  The training is ramping up now with an outside run in the near future.  

There is something to be said for muscle memory though.  I think simply that I have run distances like this in the past, it is not such a shock when I do it again.  I think it has a lot to do with how higher level runners can compete so much and for so long.  The body just requires less training once you educate it on what you expect during races.  That said, there is nothing like a good, hard workout to make yourself better.

03/09/2015 A great new documentary in progress with @athleteonfire @ruggedrunning13 @sharmanian #becomingultra

As anyone that reads my stuff knows, I really like to promote the work of Scott Jones, and his website, AthleteonFire.  Scott works his butt off creating great athlete/adventure content in order to bridge the gap between elite athletes and everyday athletes like you and I.  I listen to almost all of his stuff.  Even if you are new to running/working out, (especially if you are new to running and/or fitness/adventure) you should check out the site.

Anyway, Scott just partnered up with an amazing video guy, Matt Trappe, as well as 2013 Ultrarunners of the year Ian Sharman and Michele Yates.  I won't blow the whole premise, but basically, Ian and Michelle are looking to train newbies on their quest to complete their first ultramarathon.  Scott dreamed up this idea and will organize, construct, and tell the story.  Matt will record, modify, and produce the entirety of the quest, from start to finish, and produce a documentary of the project.

You can listen to the first two podcasts here:

Becoming Ultra pt. 1

Becoming Ultra pt. 2

Scott is going to have a variety of shows come up on a weekly basis, with google hangouts used, mini shows with individual coaches, or technical stuff with Matt on the logistics/layout.  It sounds awesome and I love the fact that I feel like I am getting some great stuff from Scott, Ian, and Michele.

Thanks and keep it coming!