Thursday, February 19, 2015

02/19/2015 Stair workout and a new race coming up

Two new developments this week.  First, the stair climber thing I got for my birthday is no joke.  It made me use muscles harder and in a different way than running does.  Consequently, I am glad I got it.  It also felt eerily similar to the running up the mountain during the Running with the Devil I do in the summer.  I had mixed emotions during those flashbacks, but it should prepare me well coming up for the 2015 edition of the event.  I did a short workout on it tonight.  I alternated 5 minutes between a full step work and 5 minutes with just the balls of my feet on the step.  This became more of an Achilles/Glutes workout.  The full step workout was more of a Quadricep workout.  Overall, it was tiring and I look forward to upping the ante and it becoming a good supplemental exercise.

The second development of the week came in the form of an invitation from a friend a couple days ago.  My friend Harry Bajakian, a dedicated cycling enthusiast, asked me to join his realy team for the upcoming Wyckoff/Franklin Lakes Triathlon.  Obviously, I will be doing the running leg, 5 miles.  I am very excited to do this and look forward to the warm weather run.  Also, I like the idea of trying a different race distance and seeing what I can do.  The race information can be found here, and is taking place on June 20th, 2015.