Monday, December 7, 2015

Trying to stay on the plan, managing the foot

The plantar fascia (pf) is a thick, fibrous band located along the bottom of the foot.
I think I may have a little plantar fasciitis after looking into it a little more and examining the pain,
feel, etc.

I have been wearing compression socks at night and trying to really stretch my feet and ankles in bed before I get up.  It has definitely gotten better over the last couple days.  I headed out with the idea of going about 5 miles today, and the foot felt great for about the first 4miles.  I did start to feel it a bit more after the 4 mile mark, so I shut it down at about 4.25 miles.  I figured that I got a run in and I want to manage the "itis," not make it worse.  I am going to ice now and take like 42 advil.

I am going to try and control this issue with advil, ice, compression, and no barefoot time at all.  I really do not want to take any significant time off if I do not have to.  If you are having heel pain, foot pain, etc., here are a couple informative sites to check out.  It is a common injury, but the severity and recovery needs vary greatly.

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