Thursday, December 10, 2015

Product Review: Nuun Energy Tabs, Wild Berry & Lemon Lime, @nuunhydration #getelectrolit @karagoucher

My Nuun water bottle from
NYC & 2 flavors of tabs.
While I was at the NYC Marathon Expo, I had the opportunity to try out some new products on the market as well as some that were simply new to me.  I had heard of Nuun through its sponsorship of some notable athletes, like U.S. Olympian, Kara Goucher.  I stopped by their setup at the expo and tried a sample of a few flavors, notably the energy choices due to my love for caffeine.

I decided to pick up a bottle of each of the 2 Energy flavors on sale, Wild Berry and Lemon Lime.  Coincidentally, both flavors I would normally gravitate to so win-win.  You only get so much from a little shot glass size sample of a drink, so I was interested to see how I would like it during and/or post run.

I have used the Wild Berry during one long run and have drank both post run a couple of different occasions.  I have to say, I love both drinks for a couple reasons.

1.  The flavors taste like they should.  I avoid certain drinks off the shelves (Vitamin Water) because they taste chemical to me.  Both of these flavors taste natural and what I think the name sounds like.

2.  A second thought on flavor.  I love that the flavor is just right, for me.  It is neither too strong, nor too week.  I cannot stand drinks that are too strong.  Regular Gatorade is ok, but I frequently have to water it down to drink.  Nuun Tabs added to 16 oz. of water are the perfect concentration for my taste.  At least for my palette.  

3.  I didn't have any stomach issues on the long run or after my running when I have had these drinks.  Also, my hydration during the 12 miler was totally on Nuun and it held me right along with no dehydration.  That isn't to say I normally have issues, but these products entered my running life seamlessly.

4.  Not to be overlooked or made light of, I love the packaging!.  It is small, simple, easy to open and use.  I don't have to measure, pour dust, etc., and there is no spilling it or messing it up.  One 16 oz. bottle of water and one tab, DONE.

In summary, I would like to recommend this product to runners because of the reasons listed above.  I love the taste, the use, and the ease of use.  I look forward to trying some new flavors as well.  I hear there is a Mango flavor which I need to pick up as that is my preferred fruit.  

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