Thursday, December 31, 2015

12/31/2015 Final day of 2015 with a great workout at @risefituniverse

Today, on the final day of 2015, I went to RiseFit once again with my buddy Jason and we worked out pretty hard.  This morning, Rob, I believe the owner, was running the class and it was an hour instead of the half hour class the other day.  I won't take you step by step through the whole series, but it was great.  It featured strength, mobility, cardio, and range of motion in a variety of exercises and moves.  

Today's class had sandbag stuff, TRX, sprints, resistance bands, and more.  There is no time wasted and you really do move from one thing to the next in great transitions and progression.  Rob is a pro and you can tell he has a lot of knowledge and passion.  He helped several of us at different points with form and offered encouragement to everyone sporadically.  You can tell he really is into what he is teaching and presenting to the class, rather than just selling it.

Moving forward, I may try to fit in a class once in awhile.  It is a great supplement to the running and it's something different.  I also like the fact that I never feel like I am doing something that will injure me.  I know it's possible, obviously, but the progression through the workout warms you up well and seems to really incorporate functional moves based on a lot of bodyweight stuff and resistance, rather than overloading weight and stress.

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