Tuesday, December 22, 2015

12/22/2015 7 mile run and some extras

I headed outside for my run today in a long sleeve and shorts.  I stepped out and realized I wasn't going to be cold, and headed out.  It had rained already a bit, but wasn't at the time.  At literally the one mile mark, it started to rain, significantly.  I was amazed for a second that, in late December, I was running in the rain in shorts.  I smiled to myself and kept running.

I decided to run a little longer today since the foot has been tolerable and I wanted to bank some miles heading into the Christmas break.  I cannot wait for the time off at home with Maura and the kids.  Also, to get ready for the baby coming soon!  Seven miles went fast today, even in the rain.  I really just cruised comfortably and tried to finish a little quicker than my mid run pace.  The splits were as follows:

16:29- 0:13 (2%)8'08"/MI
25:04+ 0:27 (-6%)8'35"/MI
33:53+ 0:14 (-3%)8'49"/MI
42:45+ 0:03 (-1%)8'52"/MI
51:30- 0:07 (1%)8'45"/MI
59:31- 0:44 (8%)8'01"/MI
After I got back, I sat for a second and got a drink of water.  I then hit a couple exercises to continue the bodyweight work I talked about yesterday.  Today's simple routine was two sets of the exercises below:

Pull ups
Air squats
Side planks

I am a lot more tired today, but I am an Athlete.

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