Monday, December 21, 2015

12/21/2015 A winter run and bodyweight work, advice from @athleteonfire @becomingultra

Every run I get in this month is another winter run I didn't wuss out on!  Today, it's actually a little chilly out, but I banged out a quick 4+ miler and got back to do some bodyweight stuff.  I have been touting Scott Jones at AthleteonFire and BecomingUltra for years now.  He is great.  He has great podcast interviews/guests, easy advice for all experience levels, and really promotes the idea that everyone is an athlete.  

Today, I employed Scott's tips from his Becoming Ultra podcast episode #11.  Simply put, he talks about adding basic bodyweight exercises to the routine when you are swamped around the holidays.  If you can't get out for a big run, or a full gym workout, do some push ups, squats, lunges, etc.  Get some work in on the athlete side of you for an all around athletic, coordinated self.

After my run, I did three simple sets of these four exercises and it didn't take long, but I am better for it.

Push ups
Lunges w/twist
Farmer's Walks

I'm going to follow Scott's advice and try to do a few time friendly bodyweight exercises everyday.  Some days will be more, some less, depending on the run situation for the day.  However, since I'm not a big "working out" guy, this might be a less painful way of adding to my overall fitness and adding some interest to it.

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