Thursday, December 17, 2015

12/17/2015 30 Minute Strength Workout

I didn't have a chance to run yesterday because of logistics.  I did squeeze in a
couple shorter walks  throughout the day, bringing my activity level up a lot overall.  Today, normally not a run day because of my schedule, remained a secondary workout day.  I have scheduled Thursday to be my cross training day for the next several months, so I took 30 minutes and kicked my ass a bit.  I am not a weight guy, just not.  However, I know the benefits are real, even for a runner.  

A portly runner like myself can really benefit from the weights to shed some pounds.  Admittedly, that is why I am doing it.  I want to be lighter, especially next June.  My workout today took about 30 minutes to the nose.  I did the following exercises in 2-3 sets to achieve the total number of reps listed below.  

5 minute jog warmup
Pull ups-  20 reps
80 lb. Deadlifts-  50 reps
Push ups-  50 reps
50 lb. Step ups-  30 reps
Floor Wipers-  35 reps
Single Arm Clean, 25 lb. Kettle-  40 reps

As I look at it on the screen, it doesn't look that impressive.  But for this runner, I am tired.  A few tidbits.  First, most people deadlift with more weight, but I have herniated discs in the past so I am not F-ing with it.  The Floor Wipers are one of my favorite exercises, click on the name and watch a video of the exercise.  Finally, this is based on the 300 workout, but for someone a lot less fit!  I put in a picture of a modified 300 workout for us normal people.  Go for it and let me know how it goes.

I look forward to just going for a run tomorrow.  :)

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