Friday, December 11, 2015

12/11/2015 Sometimes a rhythm carries you

First, I hate to harp on it, but someone up there wants me to keep running throughout this winter.  I headed out for my run today in shorts, a t shirt, and a fleece.  I actually ended up too warm.  In December?  All I can say is awesome, thank you El Nino!

I had a bit of foot pain from the start, but it didn't get worse so I kept going.  I didn't do anything yesterday so I wanted to get something accomplished today.  In addition to the foot, I just didn't feel good from the start.  I thought the run was going to be a miserable one and chalked it up to the fact that some days are like that.

It wasn't until I was about 3 miles in that I realized I was feeling a lot better and was moving quickly, but comfortably.  I finished up at 5 miles, with a sore foot, and a finish of about 40 minutes on the dot.  I had a pace of about 7:57/mile.  Here are my splits:

16:22- 0:26 (5%)7'58"/MI
24:14- 0:06 (1%)7'52"/MI
32:18+ 0:12 (-3%)8'04"/MI
39:46- 0:36 (7%)7'28"/MI
I would never have thought it, but I got into a rhythm and really just ticked off the miles.

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