Friday, December 4, 2015

12/04/2015 A nice December run, new technology

I have to say, running in December in shorts and a long sleeve is kind of crazy, but I'll take it.  I got out for a good run for 46:37 and put in about 5.75ish miles.  I felt a little rusty coming off a few days without running, and it was great to be back out.  The foot was a constant feel the whole time, but not a major pain.  I do not know what it is.  

Today, for the first time, I ran and recorded my run with my new Fitbit Charge HR.  I normally use my Nike Sportswatch to record my data during runs, but wanted to try the Fitbit.  It is easy to use.  I press and hold to start the workout and I press and hold to end it.  I spent a few minutes trying to locate and look at the data on the dashboard on the Fitbit website, but I find it clunky and difficult to find my details.  It's big on telling me how many steps I have taken and giving me medals, badges, and awards.  However, I really just want to know my mileage, time, pace, etc.  I need the runner information, not just the active lifestyle stuff.  I think there is a way to get that info, I just haven't found it yet.  I will get back to you.

For now, I am going back to the Nike. It's just easy, free to review and use the website,  and I'm use to it.  I do wish it would connect to the satellite faster, but what can I do.  I do like the Fitbit for the everyday stuff.  It helps me get up and stay active and tells me what my sleep, HR, and activity levels are like for the day.  However, as a runner, I need more.

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