Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fitness, not running. Stick to the book!

Day two of the journal complete.  I jumped rope for 30 minutes and finished up with three sets of push ups and three sets of planks.  I haven't jumped rope in a long time so it did feel good to get going.  In retrospect, 30 minutes was a bit much, but i wasn't going to deviate from the plan on only the second day of using the log again.  So far, the motivation is working.  I alternated between jumping with two feet, skipping, running, and hopping on a foot ten times then switching.  Jumping rope is a good workout for the whole body, heart/lungs included.  I know some people are intimidated by the rope, so if you simply want to jump in place with the different patterns or use a line on the ground to jump, that is totally fine.  

I did three sets of push ups and alternated with front and each side planks.  Strength work is not my first love, but I am looking to incorporate bits of it during workouts and just suck it up.  As it goes, my intention is to add a little and see some benefits that will hopefully spur me on a bit.  I do know, like most people, a little progress goes a long way.

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