Friday, November 13, 2015

An altered plan

A day after saying how much I didn't want to have to change my plans, I changed today's plan.  In the books, and in my head, I was planning on a 5 miler and some strides at the end.  However, I knew I was short on time this afternoon so I went out a little too hard to start.  My first mile was in the 6:30 range. This on its self, no big deal.  However, combine it with the fact that I ate lunch only about an hour before running, not good.  I felt like barfing pretty quickly.  I suffered through 3 miles, then bailed.  I simply didn't feel like barfing mid workout today.  

It is well understood in running/training that all workouts will not be the best.  You cannot PR everyday.  Today for sure.  

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