Wednesday, November 18, 2015

7+ months of training calendar, culminating in another Tri...

As promised, I have finished my training schedule for the next 7 months in advance.  I have never
 laid out a full plan this far on paper.  It is exciting and a little daunting in the same breath.  Harry, Jeff, and I are going back at it June 18th, 2016 for another shot at the Franklin Lakes Triathlon Relay.  Once I confirmed this the other day, I knew I wanted to lay out my training and really set myself up to peak for that race.  The calendar will be the top widget on the right hand side, listing the upcoming workouts.

Some basics of the training I have laid out include:

1. School breaks are being treated as mini breaks in training and I will get in what I get in.  I timed the training so that if I don't do a lot, my body will enjoy the rest.  Anything I do, will be gravy.

2. Saturday is my only day off completely.  I am really committing to see what I can do in the racing season, including the triathlon.

3. I am diversifying quite a bit, hills, sprints, Fartleks, long runs, repeats, cross training, etc.

4. I have tentatively added the Memorial Day run, as well as a couple other 5Ks during the training as races to train for, and through.

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