Tuesday, November 24, 2015

11/24/2015 Switch up and run, I want the Gravy Boat...

Because on a change in schedule, as well as a half day tomorrow, I decided to change today's normally longer run and switch it with tomorrow's 6 miler on hills.  A six mile run works into the schedule today better and 8-10 works into tomorrow a lot better.  I figured the key was to make sure I am running today and tomorrow.  The March through cold weather running continues.  

I guess some people wouldn't classify today, low 40's/high 30's, as cold, but I do.  I am happy that I got out and averages about an 8:00/mile pace for a decent 6 miles with significant hills.  

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday in my house and especially for me.  I love gravy and I have been looking forward to some good gravy over a big pile of rice for days.  I hope that all of you enjoy a safe, family filled Thanksgiving.  Also, I hope you all throw out your diet, eating healthy plan, whatever, and drink from the gravy boat.  You deserve it.

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