Monday, November 16, 2015

11/16/2015 Warm workout mid November

It's November 16th and I was a little too warm on my run today in shorts and a long sleeve tech T-shirt.  Welcome to global warming at its finest!  It has been a really mild fall here in the mid to northeast Atlantic.  Who would ever think it would be comfortable outside in shorts on a run this time of year?  I am certainly going to try and reap the benefits as much as possible.  I headed out for 5 miles today on hills and ran a nice quick pace overall.  I ran in about 38:53, with a fast final mile of about 7:22 as a finish.  With considerable hills on the route, I have to be happy.  The book points me in the direction and I follow the plan.  So far so good.

Last night, I started to lay out my plan for the next few months.  I am wrapping it up tonight and will post, at length, either tonight or tomorrow.  I have 2016 in my sights and I will discuss the goals in detail when the plan is laid out.

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