Tuesday, November 3, 2015

11/03/2015 Walking it out post race

The soreness is slowly fading.  The weather is is great for November 3rd and I wanted to take advantage.  I would have attempted a slow jog today, but I didn't have my running sneakers with me.  The next best thing, probably the best thing for my body, was a 45 minute walk to stretch out some sore muscles.  Today, my quads are really the only sore areas of any consequence.  My ankles do feel a little tin man like, but that's probably just from the pounding of the pavement.  

Overall, I have to be happy with how my body feels.  I know that the 11 block walk after the finish was tiring, but it is also what saved me considerable soreness in the hours/days after the race.  I looked at a lot of runners that were sitting, laying, crumpled, etc., just after the finish and wanted to tell them all to get up.  If you allow your body to stop like that post marathon, most likely, your whole body is going to seize up and cramp and you will be screwed.  I was able to walk it off and flush the muscles a bit.

Tomorrow, I will head out for a few miles on the run and see how it goes.  This post race feel is always a weird one for me and I am in limbo until I decide on my next course of action regarding a race.  As soon as I know, you will know.

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