Thursday, October 15, 2015

Preliminary checklist for NYC marathon day

Below is the list of what I plan on wearing or bringing with me on race day on November 1st, 2015. I don't plan on leaving Fort Wadsworth with all of it though. I will list everything and then take you through my prep and thoughts on what I'm bringing/wearing. 

Wearing:                                                        Bringing:

Old sweats & sweatshirt                                Gatorade, water, coffee
Race shorts & shirt (long sleeve)                  Food (bagel with PB, banana)
Watch                                                            Gatorade chews
Old sneakers & socks                                    Magazine
Winter hat                                                      Garbage bag
Sunglasses                                                     Phone?
Race bib                                                         Race socks & sneakers
                                                                       Race info

So, I get on the bus at 6am.  There is a Dunkin at the bus pickup spot.  Sweet! I am in Wave 1, so I will start at 9:50am.  I will drink my coffee and eat some of my food on the bus ride and plan to be done eating by 8am.  After that, it's liquids only, mainly the gatorade and water.  

Basically, I am wearing warm stuff and old stuff so I can toss it right before the start.  I will bring my running shoes and socks so they don't get wet, muddy, etc.  Unless it is crazy cold, when I start the race, I will be wearing shorts, long sleeve T, running sneakers, watch, hat, sunglasses (for wind as much as sun). 

The magazine and the garbage bag are mainly for protection from the elements while sitting.  I am still undecided on the phone.  I would like to have it to take pics and really get the experience, but who wants to carry a phone for 26.2 miles?  However, the shorts I wore on my long run weren't too bad and held my phone pretty well without letting it bounce.  I may try a couple more runs carrying it to see how it feels.   

As I said, this list is a work in progress.  If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, etc. let me know.  I welcome all advice.  

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